In the media I talked of Looker’s winning work as ‘an enchanting and mysterious scene that pushes the boundaries of portraiture.’ In a successful public event following the opening of the NPPP 2016 Prize, Looker contributed insightfully to the panel discussion on storytelling and photography. Looker has a particular eye, approach and style, bringing a refreshingly free imagination to photographic portraiture. Her creative sensibility, artistic discipline and powers of acute observation allow her to explore concepts and test boundaries within the form and genre in captivating ways.             

Penny Grist, curator, National Portrait Gallery


Elizabeth Looker's 8 Months and on the Porch is a more harmonious balance: the unselfconscious but spontaneously joyful stretching of the naked pregnant body captured and abstracted at the same time by the strong tonal contrasts of the black and white image, sympathy and detachment in a happy equilibrium.

Christopher Allen, art historian and critic, The Australian, on Liz's prize winning portrait in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize


I was first introduced to the work of photographer Liz Looker when a new portrait was installed in our office. The subject was a pregnant woman, a nude pregnant woman with fierce hair, which the artist had captured in an unapologetic moment of femininity and transformation. For an office filled with people all working to tackle and measure problems that face our local, national and international communities it seemed fitting. As I looked up at her I was struck by the immense power of women, and thought, “Yes, this makes sense. Everything in life seems to start and end with strong women.’

Grace Forrest, Walk Free Foundation


Liz is one of the most interesting, and interested people I know. And this is why her photographs are so penetrating: she doesn’t just love to shoot - she always finds out how to love her subjects first.

Richard Berney, Executive Creative Director, 303 Mullen Lowe


Elizabeth Looker - What words can never fully fulfil are the moments she captures in film. A moment, a thought, a rare and beautiful glimpse into a heart and a mind and a spirit. She clicks with the ease of a ballerina in motion, embracing the subject in warmth and tenderness. Allowing at every moment the subject to be honest and free. With the purest of grace and technicality of the greatest masters of modern photography, she captures a rawness, in her eye, through light and shadow, untouched by the spoils of re-touch, a purist who is deeply cemented in the earth of today. A pure delight and inspiration of everything magical which often feels like a lost memory.

Toni Maticevski, MATICEVSKI


Liz never fails at capturing the true essence of her subject. There is something a little bit magical with the way she looks at light and how it amplifies whatever she is shooting. People feel at ease around her and I always trust she will add an extra something to our work.

Melissa Radman, Design Director, Meerkats


We received the photos and they are utterly divine. You have done such a wonderful job, honestly the photos are just breathtaking.
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and for agreeing to be a part of our wedding day. You have an incredible talent and been a complete pleasure to work with!

Jess and Nick, Wedding Clients